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Food Market Tours in Southern Spain


 Andalucia Inside takes you deep into the Spanish culture to discover its unique produce and organic food. Let us lead you to the authentic spots where Spaniards purchase their food. On our tour, you will get a deeper understanding of Spanish culture and pair fresh local products with magnificent Spanish wine.Delving into a city’s local mercado might just be the best way to experience a new country. To see the culture right up front. To get to know the people – see what they buy and how they buy it. To taste the flavors the ingredients that come right from Spanish crops and end up on Spanish dinner tables. And that’s precisely why we’re inviting you to wind through the intricacies of two of Sevilla’s most impressive markets, sure to be bustling with the chitter-chatter of everyday purchases and some of the highest quality products available in Andalucía.First we’ll lead you to the impressive Plaza de la Encarnación, where you’ll get a stunning view of one of Sevilla’s newest architectural endeavors known as “Las Setas” (or “the mushrooms”) by the locals.From there, we’ll duck into the nearby market where you’ll be greeted with the freshest of ingredients, rows upon rows of bright, eye-popping produce, the everyday din of vendors selling their goods, the smack of a knife against a cutting board as butchers expertly wield their tool to trim meat, and the smell of the sea from the fresh fish stands.

As you stroll around this market, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with vendors to get an insider’s view into the daily market scene. While you’re here, you’ll be looking for the ripest fruit of the season, and a little bit later we’ll pair that fruit with some crisp white Andalucian wine, letting the complementary flavors help each other sing.Once we’ve finished at our first stop, we’ll be off to the next, which just so happens to be in the eccentric and colorful neighborhood of Triana, well known for its impromptu flamenco and huge Spanish heart, located just across the Guadalquivir River.You’ll be led across a remarkable bridge, the most well-known of the ten Sevilla boasts, crossing the wide river which splits the city in two -- the Triana Bridge. Once in Triana, you’ll take a look inside the historic Castillo de San Jorge -- a museum that houses the remains of the castle that once served as a prison during one of Spain’s darkest moments -- the Spanish Inquisition.After that fascinating step into the past, we’ll come right back into the present and into the infamous Mercado de Triana, located next door. Inside this market’s walls, you’ll find stacks of produce that are so high most arms couldn’t reach them if they wanted to. You’ll see cured meats strung from the ceiling, waiting to be sold, dozens upon dozens of fresh eggs, and little stalls dedicated solely to selling different kinds of breads and sweets. There are olive stands, dried legume and spices stands, and, of course, the fresh fish stands giving off the sweet and salty smell of ocean water.

 As you wind through the rows of stalls and take it all in for yourself, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste one of Andalucía’s most important staples -- olive oil. It is ubiquitous within Spanish cuisine, and you’ll see it used in everything from fried fish to salads to toast in the morning and sweet snacks in the afternoon. You’ll have the chance to taste it in its most flavorful form -- pure, natural and utterly delicious when drizzled atop a bit of baguette.Finally, there will be one more very important stop for you within this market. We’ll head over to the row of pescadería stands, taking in an impressive bounty from the Atlantic Ocean. Together, we’ll select the finest fish of the day so that you will be able to experience seafood the way a true Andalucían does – as pescaito frito, which means delicious fish, lightly dusted in a special flour then delicately fried in bright Spanish olive oil.Come with Andalucía Inside, and we’ll help you push your way through the Spanish crowds, meet the local vendors who’ve dedicated their lives to the trade – you know, the people who can weigh fruit in their sleep or clean a fish with their eyes closed. We’ll help you experience the Spanish markets, and get a taste of those incredible flavors, just like the locals do. 

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